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As the saying goes, the shortest way to one’s heart is an egg-shaped vanilla-scented candle sealed in a can. That’s right, Romeo. This candle is also handmade from vegetable wax and packed so deliciously, that Juliet will climb down the balcony herself for it.

Burn time: Over 30 hours  Dimensions: 10 x 10x 5.5 cm  Weight: 310g.

Materials: 100 % Vegetable wax, Vanilla scent, Cotton wicks.

Created by Oriana Lucchese and Maria Claudia Galli Allie is a women’s boutique that was born with a deep admiration for fashion. Out of necessity to bring sophisticated and chic clothes to the country, Oriana Lucchese and Maria Claudia Galli launched the shop on October 2019. Located at Los Palos Grandes in Caracas, Venezuela you are able to find a collection of our favorite wearables, no cookie cutter inventory. We bring clothes to real women at every stage of life as we believe a women’s wardrobe is her opportunity to stand out and make a lasting first impression. 
Our boutique focuses on garments for women to seek to express themselves feel feminine and sophisticated. We are constantly adding new inventory to stay stylish during seasons and keep your wardrobe updated. Feel free to reach out to us with questions. #seeyouatAllie